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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Category : Informational, SMS Marketing · by Feb 16th, 2013

SMS Marketing GrowthSMS marketing is now one of the most powerful methods of marketing in the United States. New business and organizations are launching new SMS campaigns every day and here’s 4 solid reasons why you should be too.


SMS marketing is inexpensive.
Most small to medium size business spend less than $150 per month on their service and they’re sending SMS marketing campaigns out to over 700 subscribers per campaign. For how much an SMS services will cost you, the ROI is incredibly high. All that’s required of you is a little effort and creativity.

SMS Marketing is targeted.

Think about it. The only people that will be signing up for your SMS marketing campaigns are customers of yours that truly care about what your business has to say. With SMS, you’re spending time focused on marketing to a concentrated group of people that patronize your business both now and in the future.


People have their phones with them 24/7.

People including all of your customers! Stop and think about how powerful that is!! The fact that the customers that subscriber to your SMS marketing campaigns are saying “yes, here’s my cellphone number. Send me info regarding your business every so often on something that i check 150 times per day”. That means a lot; a lot of power.


SMS marketing is instant.

Once someone subscribes to your SMS marketing list, you can market to them whenever you want. Not only can you send them text whenever you want, but they will read your messages whenever you want! 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes of people receiving them. So you can get a coupon, special, alert, or promo downloaded into your customers’ brains exactly when it’s most beneficial for you and your business!

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