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6 Ways to Grow Your SMS Marketing List

Category : SMS Marketing · by Apr 4th, 2013

SMS Marketing List GrowthThe increasing competition in business has forced marketers to look at new ways of advertising their businesses. SMS marketing is one excellent method of bringing in new customers and expanding business. However there are a couple of hurdles to this method which may prevent it from being successful. Firstly you need an extensive text marketing list that is diverse and fits your target market. These are the people to whom the messages are sent, basically the customers. But how do you grow a SMS marketing list? It may sound difficult initially but with the right guidance you can massively improve and widen your customer base. Here are a few tips to help you.


Why would someone be interested in the messages you are sending them. There has to be something in it for them. So always make sure that your SMS marketing is incentive based, it should encourage the customer to buy your product or at least give your store a visit. For example: restaurants normally offer discounted meals to customers who show up at their restaurant after receiving the text (get 10% of on pasta this Tuesday, show this message to your server and avail the discount) the message could sound something like this.

Use Social Media

Nowadays social media is very popular amongst youths and adults alike. As a marketer you must use it to your advantage. Set up a company page on websites such face book or Twitter. Use these pages to inform customers about your SMS marketing campaign. Ask them to add their numbers to avail benefits.


Flyers are fairly simple to design and use. You can put up flyers across the city encouraging people to sign up for your SMS marketing service. Give them some benefits for subscribing such as a limited edition product or entry into to a prize contest.


Blogging is the fastest growing communication medium on the internet. As a brand manager you must use this effectively. Create online blogs on your website outlining the benefits of subscribing to SMS marketing services.

Window Stickers

This is one old school marketing method that still works wonders. You can put up window stickers on parked cars to advertise your SMS marketing campaign. It is highly likely that every car owner will read the sticker and might actually join the texting list.

Business Cards

You can also place the details of your SMS marketing services on your company’s business card. This way whenever a customer takes a look at the card he will be reminded of the service and will be inclined to add his number to the list.

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