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Importants Of Value In Your Text Messages

Category : Informational, SMS Marketing · by Jan 24th, 2013

grand-street-textingSMS marketing is finding itself soaring to the top of the most popular marketing streams in the world today. The shear fact that it gives you the ability to market to all of your customers and have them read your messages with the click of a button is incredibly powerful. It’s easy, however, for some businesses to fall into a rut of sending SMS campaigns out that provide little to no value for their customers.

One of the reasons we think this happens is that marketers see the how much of a return they can get with their text messages but then begin to grow lazy as it does in fact require some effort and mind share.. It’s when you hit that rut that your subscribers begin to grow tired with your texts and start opting out.

To prevent this from happening, before each SMS campaign that you send out, you must think to yourself a few different things.

Will my customers find this text valuable?

Am I allowing enough time in between my texts?

Will this text truly inspire my customers to take action?

If you can answer yes to all 3 of those questions, you can be more confident that your SMS marketing campaign will be a success. With regards to value, you should always be asking yourself that first questions. Will my customers find this text to be valuable? Ask it over and over again. The more valuable your texts are, the more they will share them, respond to them, and the more your list will grow.

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