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SMS Marketing: Do you know what a QR code is?

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Do you know what a QR code is? Many people ask this question. It is not something you should be affraid of, but if you do not have a smart phone it may puzzle you a bit. In this short article we will break down QR codes and discuss their relevance to SMS Marketing.

A QR code is a special type of bar code that is readable by software download to your smart phone in the form of an app. Usually any smart phone with app capabilities and a camera can scan these QR codes. If you do not have a QR code reader you can click here to check out a company that has an awesome app for scanning codes.

QR stands for Quick Response Code. Essentially when you scan the QR code you get a quick response to either take action, or be presented with a bit of information. It is basically a faster form of a regular bar code that can store much more information.

How is this relevant to SMS marketing though?

Well in the increasing world of SMS Marketing more and more people are using their smartphones to sign up for your businesses sms marketing list. This means when you create a QR code from you mobile marketing platform such as you can post it places or hand out flyers and customers can scan them to join your text marketing list.

How does that work?

Simply! What happens is, you scan the QR code and when the app processes the specific digital code it will automatically set up a text message with your keyword inserted and short code number insert in the correct spots. Then, all your customer has to do is hit send and their number will be associated with the keyword list created for the QR code.

Next you can start marketing to them after they have opted into your SMS Marketing list. Get excited! Come on now!

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