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Top 5 Ways gun Shops use SMS Marketing

Category : SMS Marketing · by Feb 21st, 2014

SMS Marketing For Gun Shops

SMS marketing is popular for many reasons. First, it is something that any business can use. Next, it is affordable. Third, it is highly effective and really works. If you are a business looking to improve the number of customers they have and the profits coming through the door, SMS marketing is something you should consider. This includes gun shops. Typically people do not think of gun shops marketing and promoting, but it is just as important for these shops as any other.

1.    Sales Notifications

People who use guns like to save money, too. Using a text message to notify them of a chance to do so is highly beneficial. It takes just seconds to send a sales notification message to those who have signed up to be a part of the gun shop fun. To add to the excitement, schedule a one day only sale, or one that will take place only for a few hours. Make this event scheduled on one of the slow days at your gun shop  and you can benefit in more ways that what you imagined.

2.      Coupons

Whether it is for a gun or for accessories, coupons are enticing and will draw a customer into your store. Make the coupon valuable and time sensitive to add to the worth. Once inside of your store the customer is likely to find something they like in addition to that coupon they have found. Customers are one of the main reasons that a customer signs up for a SMS marketing list, so make sure that you give them just what they want and send plenty of these out their way. They will thank you later.

3.    New Stock/Inventory

Perhaps a customer has been searching for the new gun that you just got in. send out a notification when new items arrive in your store and get the customers to come your way. When you get a new item in, go ahead and send out a text message and informant your customers. They will enjoy being one of the first people to know about the new items that you have inside of your gun shop!

4.    Notification of Order Placed/Shipped

If you are an e-commerce gun shop, SMS marketing is very beneficial when you use it to notify customers that you’ve received their order, as well as when it will be shipped out to them.  Customers appreciate this quick and easy text message and it takes so much less time than it does to compose an email and send. Instant verification is what it is all about.

5.    Classes & Events

Many gun shops offer special carry and permit classes and other special events. If your gun shop participates in such activities, you can easily notify those who are on your message list. You can gain a much greater response to the event when you send notification via SMS marketing so more engagement during these events is found.

Gun Shop Text Message Marketing Benefits

These are just 5 of the many ways that a gun shop can use SMS marketing. As we said, it is for all businesses of all sizes –including your gun shop! There are so many ways to use text message marketing for your gun shop and so many benefits that you are truly missing out if you are not already using it.  It is a good idea to explore all of those awesome text message marketing possibilities and help your gun shop grow and produce more profits than you ever imagined possible. SMS marketing makes it happen.

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