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What is SMS Marketing?

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What is SMS Marketing?

What is SMS Marketing?

When people hear the term SMS marketing they often feel over whelmed. It is a fancy term now isn’t it? But don’t be fooled or intimidated by this acronym. Short Message Service or SMS for short is what many people in the mobile marketing industry call Text Message Marketing, which is a form of permission based marketing using a Mobile Marketing service such as,,, or





SMS marketing is huge for all sorts of businesses and organizations. Imagine taking the power of the #1 form of communication (text messaging) and turning it into a 100% permission based marketing tool. 100% opt in means your customers want to hear what you have to say. If they didn’t, they would just remove themselves from  your list. This is why SMS marketing is so effective.

As you probably know a text message is limited to 160 characters. This means you have to be short and to the point when marketing to your customers or patrons through text. This great because keeping it short and to the point keeps your recipients engaged and far from violated.

Remember text is personal and once you have permission to market to someone via text message you do not want to violate your business to consumer marketing relationship.

For a great SMS marketing service we recommend These guys have dialed in their website with the customer in mind. Fast, easy and fairly priced. There is even a FREE Forever account, so if you are the small guy or major corporation testing the waters there is a plan for you.


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