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Why Churches Are Some of the Biggest Users of SMS Marketing

Category : SMS Marketing · by Apr 25th, 2013

SMS Marketing for ChurchesChurches are increasingly using SMS marketing to reach out to fellow believers. This type of marketing has proved to be highly effective in increasing attendance and spreading important messages to followers. Marketers believe that SMS marketing is just not limited to businesses. It can to be used for a number of different purposes. Church goers are also reaping the benefits of this service as they no longer have to visit the church regularly to make inquires. All the required information can be acquired through text marketing. Let’s discuss the various benefits of SMS marketing for churches.

Audience Size

Churches can reach out to a very large audience through SMS marketing. It would be impossible to keep track of all these people without using this service. Churches are amongst the biggest users of text marketing as it enables them to stay in touch with everyone.

Spreading the Word

Any news or information that the church wants to share can be sent through SMS marketing. This may include call for special prayers or invitations to events. More than half of the work of the church’s organizing committee is done through this service.

Group Texting

SMS marketing engages church goers through interesting messages. Pastors can even send messages to specific groups who may be interested in certain services. The youth is one segment that can be specially targeted through such messages.

Creating a Database

Churches can now create messaging databases through which they can communicate their messages to followers. New members can also be encouraged to participate through SMS marketing. Spiritual messages can be sent on a regular basis to bring in more people.

Gathering Volunteers

Whenever the church is in need of extra help, they can simply send out a text to everyone who might be interested. Every now and then churches are in need of volunteers and this service is one way of bringing them in.

Cost Effective

Amongst the numerous marketing methods, SMS marketing remains the most cost effective. Churches can easily afford these costs and get monthly plans at cheap rates. Service providers might also be willing to give special discounts to churches since they are using this service to spread the word of God.


With so many benefits, there is no reason why churches shouldn’t be using SMS marketing. In the future we can expect to see an increase in the number of churches that use this service.

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